We went to Utah for block leave and did so much, but it was a good vacation. Travis' sister blessed their baby. This picture is of us stuffing our faces after the blessing and enjoying everyones company. The other one is of Andrea and her sweet little man.

Dinosaur Museum

Ok so I know that there are a lot of pictures of this one but it was just so much fun and a great place to take pictures. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sarah took us to Thanksgiving point again, this time Daddy was much more impressed and we all had a very good time. Katie wasn't so sure about sitting on a Dinosaur, but playing in the sand was fun. . .there was a lot of it and lots of activities to do with it. This museum is a must do for anyone who hasn't been.

Thanksgiving point Gardens

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sarah took us to the Gardens at Thanksgiving point one day Mommy enjoyed them, Daddy was not super impressed and Katie was just happy to have the two of them giving her so much space to run around in.

Sand Dunes

Travis and his brothers had a great time playing at the sand dunes on block leave. Thanks to Aunt Windee's super gracious father and mother the boys did it in comfort with her parents fifth wheel trailer. Mommy and Katie even joined them the last evening they were there. Katie had a wonderful time playing with her cousins and getting super dirty. It was amazing that mommy was able to comb through the sand in her hair and get it up and out of her face. Katie quickly went from tan to albino in the matter of minutes, she sure had fun playing with the boys. She did very well keeping up with them and having fun with Daddy on the four wheelers.

Katie Hang'n out at Home

Travis BNCOC Graduation