A cold but very worth it trip to the Zoo!

After a morning of Seuss with the Cassity's we went to the zoo for the first time this year they had never been.  As always it was not a disappointment there is quite a temperature difference between the valley and the mountain but the sun was shinning and the kids had a great time.  As a bit of an extra we were able to see some deer wondering the zoo, the kids thought that was very cool. 

Dr. Seuss!!

Our Children's library is very cool and for Dr. Seuss' birthday they read the kids books and watched some Green Eggs and Ham, later The Cat in the Hat showed up to take pictures and give out some gifts.  The girls had a great time!

Sunshine glorious sunshine!!

Spring is on it's way to the Springs, although there is at times a very cold wind that will take your breath away we are taking advantage of every some what warmer day we are getting.  One of these days was a trip to the park with some new friends of ours from church.  Rachel Cassity and her kids Haley and Dillon joined us for a sunny day at the park.  These are the pictures from that day.