Katie's painted pumpkin she chose red this year.  She then wrote her name in her favorite color blue.
 Brooklyn chose pink for her little pumpkin.

 What a mess!
 All finished!

 From the left- Travis' "Grim reaper", Jennie's "Jack the pumpkin king", and Katie's scary but funny face.

A friends birthday party!

 This little man is my friend Rachel's son Dillon.  Nothing like snot and chocolate to make a party! :-)

 The whole party aren't they cute!?!

Photo Shoot

My good friend Chelsea Heap is trying to get started in photography and wanted some shots for her portfolio so a group of friends got together one afternoon on post.  While the kids ran around and played she just snapped and snapped away.  These are just a few of her unedited shots.  They turned out super cute!  You can look her up on facebook at (C&S Photography).

Wii fit with friends!

We had friends over for pizza and laughs a few nights ago.  The Heap's brought their Wii fit to play and we had a lot of good laughs.  Travis bought me a Wii fit a week later for my birthday.  Super Fun!!

Katie's field trip to the pumpkin farm.

Katie getting pea seeds out of dried stocks. 

Katie and her Kindergarten Class.
Katie and Brooky at the pumpkin farm.
Katie digging for worms with her class.
The girls looking at Harley a very large hog at the farm.
 The kids being told about Mr. Venetucci.


Katie chose Rapunzel for Halloween this year after seeing the preview for Tangled.  I have felt a little pressed for time with the arrival of Preston coming soon, but I am just relieved it is finished in time for her Kindergarten party, and the church trunk or treat.  I am still going to try and finish Brooklyn's Little Red Riding Hood costume.  Wish me luck!

37 weeks. . .

Okay we are getting really close to delivery.  Just a couple more weeks and we will be holding Preston Travis in our arms.  I am feeling fantastic and truly enjoying this pregnancy.  Our good friend Amber has been coaching Travis and I on the Bradley Method and it truly has been a huge life saver.  Lower back pain has almost completely gone away and I can honestly say I am ready for him when he is ready.  It's been such a different experience then with the girls pregnancies and being so miserable all I wanted was to get them out of me.  Ha! I am enjoying my last few weeks and trying to get the girls costumes done before he makes his entrance considering he is due on the 30th and he has already started to drop I better get a move on!  Any way here is the one and only belly shot I have!  We will keep you updated as we progress through the final weeks of our pregnancy.  Oh and the girls can hardly wait to spoil their little brother. :-)