Trav's last photos from Iraq

Travis Spent his last few days site seeing at the palaces in Baghdad.  These are the last photos he sent home.


Well, here we are at the center of the storm of events.  We are getting ready for the sale of our home, if everything goes well we will be closing on the 24th of this month.  We have a few fixes that are needing to be done that were specified under the contract.  So we are getting all of those accomplished over the next two days.  Brooklyn has had a fever the last few days but we woke this morning to find it had finally gone away.  She no longer gets her pacifier so it was a very long couple of days, but we survived without giving in.  And now for the big news. . . the news that we have been waiting to hear all year!  TRAVIS IS COMING HOME!!!  I can't post the exact date and time because of security reasons but its very soon!!  And in just a few days I will finally be back in his arms!  We love you all and I will be sure to post pictures and hopefully video of the exciting event soon so that you can join in our celebration!  Daddy is coming home!!  So Excited!! 

Trunk or Treat 1 Nov 2008

Ok so here are a few photos of our fun filled evening last night. . . before the ER visit that is.  Of Course we had Katie as Tinker Bell, Brook as a Lady bug, and I went as Jill Stevens AKA Miss Utah.  We had a lot of fun.  With Our friends Sally, Dan and their sons (Nathan and his girlfriend are the pirates).   Also Ian and Ashley Smith or Peter Pan and a cat if you go by costumes.  Lauren their daughter is the other Tinkerbell in the photos.  Thank you Ian for the use of the uniform!!  Trav has all his in Iraq or storage right now.   My friend Melissa went as her hubby she's the one in the BDU's.  Sidney (Sally's niece's daughter) is the sweet little monkey you see in some of the photos dressed as a pirate monkey.  Enjoy!!

The real Miss Utah Jill Stevens