Being Married to Superman

    So many people ask me if being married to a soldier is difficult, and the honest answer is a complicated one.  First, being married to the stud I call husband is easy.  Travis, is a super chill guy and is loads of fun to be around; not to mention he is easy on the eyes and looks amazing in uniform.  Then, comes the job itself which is its own little pandora's box.  The time away is a struggle but not impossible.  After all we are never alone, we have the adventure that is filled with people who change our lives forever.

    Several years and a lifetime ago, Superman walked into my life.  From the time of our first date to the moment we said, "I do." time flew by at super sonic speeds.  With a few distractions and one giant leap we began our adventure.

     When he came to me a few months later asking if he could make a full time go at this superhero business I was extremely supportive, and was excited to begin leaping off of tall buildings with him.  We packed everything up and headed for Metropolis.  I was full of excitement, wonder and  packed to the brim with big ideas of how it would be.  We were eager to begin saving the world together.

    However, when we arrived it quickly became apparent that those superhero adventures would be fought on distant shores.  I would be asked to do my part at home and play a much different roll.  It all happened so suddenly we didn't have time to truly process it all.  One day he was here in my arms, and the next he was gone.  Excitement was replaced by fear and longing to be with him.

   He was off fighting battles I would never truly understand; with people I could never really replace. The life of a superhero is a hard one, that only other superheros truly understand.  That first adventure was scary, and when he return he wasn't really the same man.   His smile never really reached his eyes those first few months home.

    Soon after I began to understood my roll in all of this superhero business.  My job as sexy lover was much more complicated than I ever thought it would be.  But my job was also more important than anyone would ever know.  I was in charge of reminding superman who he really was; loving him back to health and crushing the demons that no one else could see.  With time and a lot of love, the hard images become distant and the softness returns.

    Then the training begins once more, the orders from Metropolis are cut and off he goes to save the day again and again.  But before he leaves he gives me the most precious of gifts, to watch over and keep safe.  Pieces of his heart in the form of three beautiful children.  It rips his heart out to go but he does so knowing he leaves to make the world a better place and in the end we always seem to put him back together again.

      It didn't take me long to discover the importance of sidekicks and teammates.  My military friends and fellow Army Wives are not just friends, but battle buddies.  They help me navigate the labyrinth of Tricare, DEERS, and the long hours between Skype and phone calls with Superman.

    These women are not just random people I share common interests with; they are sisters that forgive stress tantrums; babysitters who allow me to have moment of personal time; sounding boards to complain to about superhero capes and combat boots.  They are family with whom I share a lifetime of memories with.

    This week while prepping for my next big adventure with Superman, I was reminded of how amazing this network of family is.  Not all of these women are other military wives, but they all have made a difference in my life.  When the Army fails me I know I have a safety net to fall back on.

    I called and messaged a few of these elite ladies this week during moving frustrations and everyone of them came through for me.  Though the days have been many, and the distance between us is great, they answered the call without hesitation.  Not everyone understands our military life, but those who know us know that if asked, together we could move mountains.

    My life with Superman has been an incredible adventure.  If he asked me again tomorrow to do it all over again, the answer would most definitely be yes.  So to answer the question, "Is being a soldier's wife difficult?"  Not if you have a network of kick-ass women on speed dial in your go bag, and Superman to save the day.  Thanks for reading friends.  Go do something awesome today.  

Back by popular demand

     It has been brought to my attention that I should get back at this blog thing.  With some very friendly nudging from dear friends, and a small push from my loving husband I have been persuaded.  With any luck my daily Facebook dialog will find a better platform here.

     I have no idea why anyone would want to follow the randomness that is our daily lives.  That being said I do enjoy sharing our adventures in life and the random thoughts that come with it.  I have no clue what sort of things I will be sharing with you, but I know for a fact that it will be eclectic, emotional, and for the most part unapologetically real.

    Some things you should know before you jump down the rabbit hole;  I do believe in the power of make-believe, magic, and making the impossible possible.  My spirit animal is a panda and my favorite things in the world are the little Maughanstrs that run my world and their daddy, the love of my life and favorite verbal sparring partner.  My very own Mad Hatter.

    If all that you have just read sounds awesome and you want more to read more then kid, stay tuned this is going to be an adventure or a terrible mistake.  Either way, like any good action scene in a movie,  it will leave you smiling or sitting there with your mouth hanging open.   Let's do this thing!