The house. . .

Ok so I know that you all wanted pictures of the house but its just not ready to be photographed yet, still painting and haven't hung the rest of the pictures so if you will just wait a little longer I promise (Julie) to have them up really soon I am almost done with the great room just have the kitchen left to paint (which I am starting today).  I love you all and am truly sorry it took so long to get these up.  Enjoy!!

Our first visit to our zoo

We took the kids to the zoo on Saturday to enjoy the holiday weekend and get out of the house.  It's a neat zoo and what a work out!  It's on the side of the mountain so you climb uphill the whole way.  They had a lot of fun things to see including two baby animals.  One was a Gorilla and the other an orangutan.  Oh and a little kid monkey. . . he wasn't quite a baby but his mommy was still having trouble in keeping him still while she groomed him.  It was very cute.  The Momma Gorilla was very protective and I was only able to get one picture before she glared at me and turned her back to the glass.  I got a great picture of another ape sleeping in a corner completely relaxed so funny.  I loved the ape house it was the best part.  Steven the big Gorilla reminded me of you, so serious and deep in thought. . . then he stuck his finger up his nose.  Just kidding you know I love you.  Any who it was a lot of fun, hope to take you all there when you come to visit.

Moving Boxes, Tiger costume, pink heals and naked baby. . . what more could you ever want?

One more Birthday Party. . .

We celebrated Katie and Trav's birthday one last time at the Maughan's and they loaded up on more gifts what a spoiled family I have.  We had a great time visiting with family and getting fat on  more sweets.

Travis' Birthday Party

In April we celebrated Trav's Birthday out near Delta Utah at the Dunes.  We thought with the holiday it might be busy but the cold weather meant only the die hard riders would be out playing in the cold.  Thanks to WinDee's parents we all stayed warm and had a blast, they loaned us their fifth wheel they are very kind and generous people.  We couldn't have done it without them.  Yes, Bryce is pulling his younger brothers hair trying to get him off the four wheeler.  Carter didn't budge from his spot he was determined to get his brother to give him one more ride.  The girls love riding around the camp we now own a four wheeler for them as well as one for Trav and I to share.  Of course Trav's first love will always be his motorcycle, I'm just glad he has invested in the safety gear this year.

Katie and Sydney's Birthday party