Preston Travis Maughan due October 30th 2010

So I realized while putting on all of our vacation pictures that I have failed to make the blog announcement of our little boy we are expecting in October.  There was such a crazy few weeks with trisomy 18 testing, ultrasounds, and amniocentesis procedures done that I didn't make the announcement official on the blog.  After a lot of worry and prayer we were relieved to find out that we are expecting a HEALTHY little boy at the end of October.  The following are a few ultrasound pictures of our little Preston that were taken in all the craziness of all the testing.  Enjoy! Pictures of the nursery to follow soon!

My Daddy turned 68 this year.

I got the chance to celebrate another year with my Dad and had a great time spending time with he and Mom the last three weeks.  Thanks for the smiles you two we truly enjoyed our R&R!  See you in a week to celebrate Kevin's big day!  :-)


We went to Lagoon for the first time in years while in Utah.  We got there when it opened and left when it closed and just about did everything you possibly can with a 5 and 2 year old.  We swam (sorry no pictures too worried I would drop the camera in the water) at Lagoon a beach and let the girls do the kiddie water slides.  I had a blast watching the girls ride the rides and giggle with each other. Travis was talked into "Wicked" by his siblings and I think had a pretty good time riding the pretty nasty roller coaster.  I wont lie I am very glad to have the excuse of pregnancy to get me out of things such as roller coasters.  But any who I will let the pictures do the talking and let you enjoy our happy memories. 
This is the one and only picture I have of the pool area, right before the camera was locked away.  I would say Brooklyn seems pretty excited to go play what do you think?

This ride was cute because Katie was so loving and protective of her sister.  The ride was moving too fast to capture it but when it got too scary for Brook, Katie put her arm around her little sister and told her something kind because after that Brooklyn didn't look scared anymore.  I love seeing my children showing such love it's some times easy to miss but it makes you very proud to watch true love in action.  I am looking forward to seeing how the girls show this love to their little brother Preston.
The girls love the carousel every time we pass one I get pestered into letting them ride.  Lagoon was no different.
Katie loved the kiddie roller coaster. . .Brooklyn did not fair so well good thing she had her Daddy to hold on to.
Tyler's girlfriend Alyssa was sweet enough to ride the roller coaster with Katie they had a fun time together.
This red wagon was fought over so much by Brooklyn and Ali it was either because they wanted to ride or push.  The one just wanted what the other had.
I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the roller coaster itself but for those who haven't seen the thing the first rise and drop is the worst the rest is just a fun roller coaster.  Trav informed his sisters in line that he was not responsible for the language that came out of his mouth on this ride and that they had been forewarned. :-)
Okay so this last photo is kinda funny for one reason, the girls got on the ride and then shortly after two other children ran right up and jumped on the same little spaceship the girls were on.  Their parents were standing with me on the other side of the fence and they were trying to talk them into getting into their own spaceship but the kids insisted that they wanted to ride with the girls.  I told the parents the girls didn't mind at all and they kept asking "are you sure?"  The best part was all four were best friends by the end of the ride and had a ton more fun then if they would have ridden it by themselves.  Kids are great at making friends at the drop of a hat what happens between now and then that makes it so hard on adults?  Anyway that is our Lagoon trip hope you enjoyed our photos, see ya for the next post! :-)

Jane Bea's Blessing

Johnny and Laura's sweet little Jane was born this month and she is beautiful.  We went up to SLC for the blessing and enjoyed spending time with them.  The BBQ after was yummy and the kids enjoyed playing in the fun back yard the two of them have built.  Welcome Jane we love you!!

Fourth of July tradition

So last year and this year we set up lawn chairs and watched as the older kids and uncle Kevin set off fireworks the younger kids got to choose which one they wanted and then the big kids would set them off in the street.  This years celebrations were just as fun as last with the younger kids giggling and screaming for everyone.  Pretty fun stuff.  What I liked best about the holiday this year?  It's the second year in a row I got to have my hubby next to me for it.  What a blessing it has been to have him home and safe the last year and getting to have him home for another before he heads back over next year.  If these deployments have taught me anything it is to cherish every moment you have with someone and pray that while you are apart you will have the faith in believing they are in safe hands.  Thank you to all those who serve or have served and big hugs for the families who sacrifice so much.

Camping, dirt bikes and oh soooo many dirty faces. . .Sounds like a good time to me!

My girls enjoying the out doors and trying to figure out Daddy's gear.
Dakota enjoying the shade, we truly gave this poor dog more exercise in four days then she has had in four years.  She left with a smile on her face and still breathing so I guess she's okay. 
Madison Maughan (sorry WinDee if I spelled her name wrong) :-) It looks like she is getting ready for a show down with our little Brooky.
You really want to play that card Grandma I got a whole handful of cards you don't want to see.
You should so not have played that card.
Smiles for Mom.
Brooklyn's happy face. . . why is she happy you might ask?  Well because she is full of Oreo cookies that's why.
Nope not dirt that's Oreo. . . and yes she was attacked by bloodsucking insects even after 100 applications of Off. 
Carter Maughan yeah he's tough he's in first grade, impressed?  I was. :-)
Brennan Maughan showing us his moves.
Maddie smiling for her Mommy.
Yep these two year old girls know how to enjoy the dirt just as much as the boys do.
WinDee and Jason Maughan enjoying some dutch oven cooking next to the campfire.
Oh Sexy sexy husband, I sure do love that man.
Katie and her best friend Holly sitting around the fire.
Tyson and Bryce Maughan being boys. 
Jody and Kayden (don't you just love the look on that boys face)
Jared in his happy place, this guy could camp and ride all year long.
Brooklyn and Holly
Nothing like sitting around the campfire.
Carter showing me how to drink from a juice box the right way.
Last day Brooklyn and Trav on trash patrol.
dirty and loving every minute of it.
Bryce learning to ride my fourwheeler, he did awesome.
Loading up.
Yeah he may not be the safest uncle but he sure does know how to make them love him.
Okay so proud Mama time sorry there are a ton of photos and even some video but I just have to show my sweet little two year old off.  So on the last day Trav decides to let Brooklyn sit on this little fifty and she has other plans than just sitting on the thing.  She pulls the throttle back and starts to ride.  I swear this one is going to be my motocross star.  No fear just pure happiness and fun.
Trav showing her how to make it go.
Poor thing was upset she had to get off.
Yeah I know I'm pretty cute and fearless.
This is what I look like after four days of camping, no shower, pregnant, and dang happy to be so lucky.
Brooklyn in her helmet. . . she is a bit like a bobble-head doll in it.  Not quite strong enough to hold the thing up yet. She has one because Travis and I wont ride the big toys with the girls without them. And  Next year she will be able to control her neck and the thing wont feel so heavy to her.
Sorry for the bumpy video I had to make sure she was safe and I just kept forgetting I was filming but it was too cute not to post.