Camping Camping Camping oh How I love to Camp!!

Trav got off early Friday and we decided we would see if we could find a spot to camp.  So we headed up the canyon and much to our surprise we found a military only camp site. . . who knew such a thing existed???  It was a Air Force Academy establishment but to our luck they had a pretty nice camp site tucked back in the woods  that we nudged for (just a tad) and were able to get (didn't know the Air Force new what a tent was hee hee love ya Jules).  Did I mention it was a VIP site?  It was beautiful, not quite the back woods camping we enjoy but pretty quiet for being a camp ground.  We got to climb rocks do a little hiking, survive the wind storm that we found out later produced a tornado in Denver. . . who'd a thought?  Holly got a little sunburn but that we determined later was also a good thing. ;-)  Fed a little woodland creature little PB&J and sunchips. . . probably shouldn't have but it was a needy little thing.   We got filthy dirty and smelled like campfire even after a good scrub at home in the tub.  Dakota joined us and we found out that she would probably run like the wind if ever a bear attacked and leave her poor family to fend for them selves.  Poor things not to brave. . . but she's cute.  All in all it was pretty awesome.   So anyway enjoy the photos it was a lot of fun, I hope we are able to find a lot more sites this summer and maybe do a little riding!  Love to all!!

Left foot Left, Right foot Right.

I worry about my daughters obsession with shoes at such and early age.  Brooklyn gets all of Katie's shoes, being the younger sibling it often happens.  So she has a drawer full of all different sizes and kinds of shoes.  I often find her in her room trying on all the shoes and then taking them off again. . . she may have felt a little lost with only one little pair of shoes while camping, this pair happen to be slightly big for her but that doesn't stop her from loving them.  Do you think I will be able to talk her into just bringing a good pair of hiking boots in the future and leaving the rest at home. . . or am I doomed to find a place for her bag of shoes on our camping trips????

Katie and her Holly

My beautiful sister in law Holly has come to stay with us this summer and take a break from school before she heads back to finish up her final semester before student teaching in the fall. She has been a huge blessing and I feel like sometimes it's me thats getting the break and she's not getting the rest between helping me paint and watching the kids on occasion.  Katie has completely attached herself to Holly and wants to join her everywhere.  Poor Holly has pretty much given up privacy around Kates.  Camping was no exception.   Of one thing I am certain, Katie loves her Holly.

Pretending in the forest of makebelieve

I sometimes look at my children and wonder what grand adventures are being played out in their minds.  I sat back and watched them play while camping this past weekend and truly wished to be a child again. . . well at least to be able to pretend so easily and to have that whole other wonderful world of make believe right at my fingertips.  Brooklyn may not see what Katie sees but she enjoys following sisters lead.  Enjoy the photos and try and picture what they may be fighting or what fairy or beast they see in their minds.  

The story of chair babies.

Ok so my girls can take any object and make it a baby.  Doesn't matter what it is it's a baby and needs to be sang to and loved.  Sometimes it may need to be hushed to sleep.  In our camping adventures we don't bring along toys so they have to make do with what they have.  So. . . they found their camp chairs and they cuddled, rocked, and when necessary they sang to them.  I wish I captured a picture of Katie singing to her chair but she wouldn't stay still long enough to get a good picture.  So here are a few of Brooklyn singing to her chair.

Upstairs photos of our new home

Ok the long awaited photos of the house have started to be uploaded to the blog.  These pictures are of the girls bathroom and the upstairs living areas.  We are really enjoying our new home but it has been a crazy few weeks trying to get painting done.  Everything I mean everything was painted green in this house so it took some time covering up the green monster.  Because there was pressure for pictures there are not a lot of pictures on the walls yet in the photos or many decorations put up but Julie and Mom get their sneak peaks.  We just finished painting last night.  If you will also notice later on that there are two pictures of Brooklyn's room and like five of Katie's its because Katie explained to me that Grandma really wanted to see her dots and needed to see them all not just one or two.  I haven't painted the master bedroom yet or that bathroom. . . the green monster still lives in there, but it will be cast out very soon.  The basement will also be photographed soon but still needs a bit of pick up done.  Love you all enjoy the pictures!

Brooklyn's room in our new home

Katie's Room in our new home

Katie wanted a blue room, her favorite color.  Finding bedding for a little girl with blue that wasn't covered in a Disney cartoon was not to be found sooooo I told her the walls could be blue but would she settle for one that has a little blue in it.  Thank heaven she said yes and here is the finished product.  Enjoy Katie's posing for the camera.