And in health news. . .

So my children as many of you know have caught every single virus they possibly could get their hands on since moving to Colorado.  It's been an insane few months and we have finally made it past the latest RSV incident.  Katie still coughs after she runs but is overall feeling 99.9% better.  Her inhaler seems to be clearing the last of the garbage out of her poor sweet lungs.  Brooklyn has been fever free for the last 48 hours so I am praying that means she as well is on the upswing, her cough has cleared up nicely and I haven't heard it at all today so we are keeping our fingers crossed.  Trav and I got away on this one without falling victims to it. . . does that mean we are acclimated?  Oh I sure hope so!!  I did get called fat by my endocrinologist today and told my vitamin D levels are super poopy low again so one more prescription for me yet again.  My levels are reading normal for the thyroid portion and I seem to have concurred my hypoglycemia for the moment. . . I guess that means those yummy green smoothies are doing the trick on my sugar levels.  Wahoo!!  So if you wanted a health update or not that's what you get for this post friends!  It seems all we have done lately has been trying to get healthy so that's what you get! 

Katie's field trip to Peterson Air Force Base

Hurricane and his handler.  Hurricane (cane for short) is one of the "bomb" dogs at Peterson.  He is four years old. . . and is a very good listener much better than my four year old, but then again cane is allowed to bite.  Katie's class and the other preschool class' at the community center watched as Cane and his handler demonstrated the commands used in Cane's job.  One of which was biting a fleeing suspect.  Cane was very cute, but I would not want to be on the receiving side to his bite.  Here are some of the pictures of the demonstration.
The other tour that they had was one for the search and rescue planes that are located on Peterson.  It is one of several locations through out Colorado.  The planes are used to find missing persons that are lost in the many different landscapes of Colorado and surrounding states.  While we were there a call was made for a mission that was to go out this afternoon to look for a missing person up north somewhere.  Last year they found and saved 11 people.  The kids got to see the planes and watch a few of the bigger Air Force planes take off and land.  Sorry no pictures of that no photography allowed on the flight line.  But here are some of them in the hanger.  Enjoy!

The one above is Katie eating snack with some of her classmates before we headed out to the buses to go home.  Pretty fun day.  Can't believe I am registering her for Kindergarten next week.  Crazy!!

Valetine Cookie FHE

So the girls have been so interested in cooking lately I thought for FHE we would do some baking.  I pulled out a few muffin mixes and let them each mix one together and then scoop them into the mini muffin pan.  Then we made some heart shaped cookies and frosted them. . . topped them off with some sprinkles and called it a night, well for Brooklyn anyway.  Trav and Katie headed to the basement for some Wii boxing. . . Katie kept hitting herself with the controller, she hasn't quite got the hang of that one yet. :-)  Super fun night and the girls got some much needed family time.  They crave Monday night so much I am tempted to find some other activities during the week to do with them.  Looking forward for the warmth to start moving in.  Spring I need you!!  Notice Brooklyn is wearing big girl underwear in one of the photos. . . yep folks she's potty trained!!  Wahoo!!!  Loving it!!  Sorry for the not so pretty pics of me, I am the first to admit that most days I do not put the effort to get pretty.  Trav took them though and tells me I don't post enough of myself on this thing, so there ya go.

Hockey date night with the Roberts!

Our awesome friends the Roberts called us up last week and asked us to a night of Hockey.  Well Trav and I so rarely get out any more I jumped at the chance and Saturday night we were off to watch Colorado College play some hockey!  It was a blast, it was a close one and lets just say I had an extremely sore throat the next day from all the screaming and yelling done that night.  They even won. . . love it when you go to a sporting event and the team you just happen to be routing for wins.  Love it!  Thanks again Mitch and Jody for yet again a wonderful evening!!

During one of the brakes in the game they let the little guys(and gals) out on the ice to play some hockey of their own.  It was so dang cute, they could barely stand on the ice let alone push the puck around on the ice but they did very well.  So cute!! Here are a few photos of them rockin it up.

Mommy aren't I pretty!?!

So I was getting ready one day and the girls were at my feet in the bathroom. . . like they always are.  Mommy never really gets a moment to herself.  They weren't going anywhere and I was running low on time. . . Katie asks me "Mommy can I have some pretty?" I was about to say no Katie I am late, but then I had one of the moments of "Why the heck not?"  So I pulled out some older rarely used makeup and said be my guest.  It was actually a ton of fun to watch them play and help each other.  They did head to the babysitter looking very pretty and Mommy had enough time to look a little better herself.  I think they had the basic idea down don't you?