Katie and Brooklyn's latest Photos

Hanging out in the back yard with a very tired Daddy.

So this was the Sunday we had returned from camping I know it's a little out of order but so funny I couldn't help but post them.  Travis had pulled 24 hour duty for two weekends straight and was so tired from being up with us late Friday night and then rushing back to get a few hours in before he had to pull his duty.  His Unit finally made it home saturday night from Iraq and he was there doing stuff for them at the homecoming like paperwork for their leave and stuff like that.  He is so excited to have them home it means he will finally get a real job and not one that is to stare at people all day, he has been bored for months.  But anyway the following pictures are of him Sunday evening grilling for us, yes that is a large can of naughtiness in his hand he was trying to jolt his body into staying awake. . . it didn't work very well by the way he was a zombie till he was able to crash later that night.  I think if the girls and I hadn't come home from Camping he would have slept for the rest of the day, funny man.  Really he isn't glaring his facial muscles don't have the strength to do much at this point.  It's all right giggle, I did.    love you Trav!           

Katie's first day of Preschool!

Katie's first day of preschool was a lot of fun.  Katie has been looking forward to this day all summer long.  We went out  a week before and got her a "pack-pack" as she would call it (it had to be blue).  She decorated her school box with stickers so she would know which one was hers.  We made a day of it when we went to get her supply list it was very fun so. . . when the first day of school finally came for Katie she could hardly stand to wait any longer.  There was no timid little girl only "Mom when we get to the sidewalk you don't have to hold my hand cause I'm a big girl."  Brooklyn had to have a pack-pack too on the big day and truly wanted to do everything like her big sister Katie.  When we got to the school Katie was fearless and walked  right up to her school mates and asked to play.  When she got to class she and the little boy who sits next to her (Max) were instant friends.  When time came for me to leave she waved good bye and never looked back. . . a little hard on Mommy but I'm very proud.  When we got to Rocket Brooklyn kept asking "where Katie Mama?"  She cried all the way home. . . and was a little lost when we walked in the door.  Brook and I snuggled a bit till she fell asleep and I was left with a very quiet house.  When the house work was done I looked up and it was time to go get our big girl so I woke  our little sleeping beauty up strapped her back into Rocket and headed off toward the school.  When I walked in the classroom Katie didn't want to leave and only when I told her she would be coming back tomorrow did she agree to leave.  Talking to her on the way home was so fun she just chatted my ear off and told me all her fun little details like "Mom I sit next to Max at my blue school (the building is blue) and he is just so cool."  I have to laugh because our little Katie is such a princess and even at four all she had to talk about was boys and how cool they are.  She has enjoyed telling me all about the things she is learning too but for some strange reason Max is included in most of these stories.  Hee Hee so fun enjoy the pictures!!

Camping Trip with friends

Our friends called us up this week and said.  "Hey you want to go camping?"  We said "Sure"  Travis wasn't able to make it because of a Duty he had to pull this weekend but he was able to come up friday night for dinner and hang out.  He was greatly missed the rest of the time.  The girls and I did enjoy the camping and spending time with our friends.  I caught a tantrum of Brooks and some pretty dirty faces on film.  We had a great time, give us any excuse to get us up in the mountains and we will take it! Oh we also found out that Katie try as she might does not keep up with the boys very well, and spent a good portion crying about that fact.  I guess she better toughen up if she wants to follow them out into the woods. Enjoy the photos!