Whitney and my baby shower!

 All the wonderful ladies that came to support Whitney and I.  Whitney is pictured above in the black dress. She has since then given birth to a beautiful baby boy.
 Ansley is one of Katie's buddies from church, her mom and I serve together in the Young Women's.
 Savanna and the wish cake.  Katie is pictured with some of her friends from church.
 Savanna made Preston this sweet little onesie with a future missionary badge on it.
 Brooky and her Sara
 The girls and I with some of my YW.

 The YW tied a very cute little monster quilt for Preston.
 Katie enjoyed helping me open Preston's gifts.

I have so many thank you cards to write!!  A huge Thank you to everyone that attended and for all of the amazing gifts for our little guy!  What an amazing group of friends!!!!

Nathan's going on a mission!

 Janeen snuggling with Brooky!
 Katie getting dizzy!

 Ryan and Katie
 Ryan and Brooky
 Is that a nervous smile or a very excited smile. . . I think it's a little bit of both.
Our Froelich Family!!

The Froelich's are a family we have come to love and consider family here.  There youngest son Nathan just received his call to Guatemala to serve an LDS mission for two years.  The girls have fallen in love with him and the rest of the family and they have enjoyed writing Nathan while he has been in the MTC.  He leaves Wednesday for the MTC in Guatemala.

Preston's Room!

All finished with Preston's room!  We have some prints to put up but other then that it's all ready to go for him.  Including lots of clothes and diapers just waiting to get dirty.

"Kindness begins with me"

For family home evening we pulled out the months Friend magazine and read the story A Golden Friend.  I thought it would be good to go over being kind to everyone with Katie seeing that she was starting school.  We read the story then they were able to do their favorite activity Paint!  They each painted a picture of their friends and then we talked about what are some naughty and some nice ways we treat our friends.  They had a pretty good time I think and hopefully learned something in the process.

Katie's first day of Kindergarten!

splash park with friends!