Proud to be an American

On July 4th 2008 Travis and 1214 other men and women from Army, Air Force, Marines, and the National guard re-enlisted at the Palace in Baghdad. It is thought to be the largest re-enlistment in history. An amazing event that Travis was proud to be a part of. I just wanted to share the experience that he has shared with me. Below is a You tube video and a picture of the event. We are proud of you Travis!!!

Can you find Travis???

Travis re-enlistment. 4th of July 2008

Its important to know ones sense of style. . . It comes naturally for Katie.

Isn't Grandma Charlene Beautiful!!

Latest photos from Iraq

Ok so here are some photos Travis took today while he was at the palace. He is re-enlisting tomorrow at the palace there in Baghdad. The man he is shaking hands with is CSM Hill, General Petraeus' right hand man. For those of you who don't know who that is he is the commanding officer over Iraq. There are 1215 soldiers re-enlisting there in Baghdad on the fourth I believe that is what Travis said. . .(if that's wrong baby let me know and I will get that fixed). But what I do know for sure its a large number. He got to take a tour of the palace and also met and spoke with General Petraeous' and CSM Hill. All on top of rehearsal for tomorrows ceremony. He was pretty tired when I spoke with him this afternoon. He promised to take as many pictures as he could for us of the Event tomorrow. . . isn't that right baby? So when he gets them I will be sure to get them posted. We are proud of you Daddy. Missing you like crazy and can't wait to see you in just a few days!

Our latest addition. . .

Katie has named it rocket and cries when she has to get out. We are very happy with our Odyssey I believe even Travis will have a hard time not loving this vehicle. Especially when it comes with game system hook ups. . . how cool is that? By the way Daddy will be leaving Iraq in 13 days to come home for mid-tour. . . We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

Katie and Charley pretending. Ever seen enchanted? They are calling for their little woodland friends.

Here comes Trouble

Is there a doctor in the house we seem to have a sick belly button. . .

Just playin in the sun. . .

Our little Army girl.

A finished product.

So as most of you know I have been doing little things here and there to improve our home in Tennessee. The latest of these little projects was Trav and I's master bathroom. Between PaPa Allen (who worked very hard right up until the last minute he was here) and my friend Michele (who did my finish work) and me using what little muscle I have. . . its finally finished just thought I would share. The little girl with Katie on the four wheeler is Sydney Michele's 18 month old. Sally watched the girls for us while we worked on the finish work in the bathroom. The girls wore themselves out playing and Sally told me later that three little girls was more work then she had anticipated. They are cute, but they are also very busy little girls. Thank you all for your help!!