just pics of my girls

PaPa's last day with us. . .

We took Papa to the zoo the last day he was here. We met Greg and his family down there and had a good time. The girls had a blast catching up and playing together. We had a wonderful time with PaPa and next time we are going to have to have him come for two weeks it went way to fast. Brooklyn is getting to the age now were she is really looking at the world around her she had a great time at the zoo looking at everything she could see. . .and getting to eat her first taste of pizza. The Girls really enjoyed Papa and Katie keeps asking when PaPa is coming home. Enjoy the pics! Love you all! Thanks Dad for the great visit.

"what ya doin papa?". . . Fixin.

Pics from Trav. . . my sexy sexy hubby.

Ok so here are some photos of the last couple of weeks. We are going crazy here with Dr.'s Appointments and life in general. There seems to be so much going on all at once and this summer is just going to fly by. We went to the zoo yesterday while we waited for PaPa Allen to fly into Nashville. We had a lot of fun. Katie got to brush goats. . . watch them pee. We also saw monkeys and all sorts of critters. After which we were pretty tired and let PaPa Allen drive home while Brooklyn screamed from Nashville all the way Home. Well we love you all. Hope you enjoy. . . Be sure to look for Katie riding on the church's vacume with her friends, while Bishop Dan cleaned up after a speggetti dinner. . .

The zoo!! April 6

May 2

April 26-27

April 22