I thought I would take a minute and give you all an update of what's going on with the Maughan family.  After selling the house we moved into an apartment here in town while we wait for May to come.  Travis got his orders for Ft. Carson today which is one step closer to making this move.  It has been pretty  interesting living in an apartment with two little girls.  We miss the house for so many reasons.  Travis keeps having to run back to the storage unit for tools to work on the dirt bikes and his truck.  The girls don't have their back yard to run around in, mommy misses that too.  We are spending a lot of time at the library just to get out of the house and let them stretch their legs.  Dakota our pup is living with someone else right now, we miss her.  I think the house was easier to keep clean too. . . so much stuff no place to put it.  It should be an interesting couple of months, but the move to Colorado will be here before we know it.   Travis and I have a marriage retreat in Nashville this weekend we are looking forward to that.  We always have so much fun at them. Lets see what else. . . I think thats it!  Oh our Brooklyn used the big girl potty for the first time a few days ago. . . looking forward to another potty trained kid, I'm sure it will take awhile but at least she is showing interest.  We love you all!  Sorry for not updating the blog more often it's been a crazy few months.   

Dress up!!

Chill'n on the deck back at home.

Sometimes cleaning up Christmas is just as fun as the event.

Toyland Toyland. . . wonderful girl and boy land!

Wow what a Christmas!  Tonkas and Princess', bikes and electronic gadgets all the things that could make any kid smile.  As an extra special gift this year we got to spend it in Utah with the family. . . Including Travis!!!  As I have said before, my Christmas came early this year when Travis walked off that plane safe and sound on American soil!  Yippy for us!  Thank you everyone for being so generous and a special thanks to the Olpins for the rockin bear pillows.  Very cool gift.  And of course Grandma Great thank you for the awesome hats, scarves, and pot holders.  A huge hit for all!  The girls wont leave the house without their hats.  Collette the hat and scarf you gave me have gotten daily use in our eight degree weather our here, THANK YOU!  They go beautifully with my new Columbia coat, Thank you honey!

Christmas Eve

All the goodies. . . we didn't get out caroling this year but that didn't stop us from baking all the treats and eating them ourselves.  Could this be why I gained twenty pounds over the holidays?  I think so.  We still had a good time playing and enjoying being with family.  Poor Grandma Charlene was in a bit of pain to say the least, after falling on the ice a few days before Christmas.  She was a trooper though and pulled off Christmas just as she always does.  

Oh holy night

The kids did the Christmas story for us Christmas Eve and it was so cute.  It was truly adorable with our Tory Angel/Star, our two Marys Katie and Emily, and who could forget our somber little Joseph Josh.  Funny how the light shines down on our little Marys almost angelic. . . oh but we know the truth about these two little sweethearts.  If I recall correctly one was screaming an hour later and the other was trying to sneak her way upstairs to catch Santa in the act and dragging her poor older brother along side her.

Park City for two. . .

Travis treated the two of us to a romantic weekend in Park City.  The girls were left in the care of very generous family members and Trav and I spent the weekend at a beautiful condo.  It snowed a couple feet of snow while we were up there is was so pretty to watch and stay cozy warm by the fire.  Doesn't the fire look so toasty warm?


I just had to add these because she is so darn cute.  Brooklyn was very pleased to wake up one morning to find that Daddy went out early to get us doughnuts.  I love the one with her foot in the air and her mouth full. . . it's light she is saying "what?".

Fun in the snow!

Katie and Daddy had a lot of fun playing in the snow.  Building snowmen, snow angels, and snowballs in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard.  The hot tub makes for a nice little seat, don't you think?  And doesn't Katie look so cute in all her snow gear?