pics of our girls

Ok so here are some photos of the past few weeks. The girls are changing every day especially our little Brooklyn who has learned to sit by herself this past week. There are some photos of Brooklyn with Elsie our cute little neighbor she looks as if she is going to give Brooklyn CPR but if you were there it was more like she wanted to eat her. They have so much fun together. . .although we think we got Elsie sick this week. . . sorry sweet girl. Katie and Travis Birthday was this last week and we had a good time talking on ooVoo and spending it together as a family. We even got to blow out the candles with daddy which was a lot of fun. Mommy made Katies birthday cake with a purple flower. . . it needed to be purple for Katie and if you look closely you will see her pink medicine yes she is sick again. I took the one of them sleeping together this morning at about 1:00 am . . . I think the trick to getting them out of our bed may be to put them both in one together. Enjoy!

Kota. . .

The spring shedding has begun . . . huskey in the south always fun.

Katie Conference Sunday

ok so I know that all the following pictures of the girls are basicly the same picture but they were all so cute I couldn't decide and I wanted Daddy to see all of them so enjoy!!

Brooklyn conference sunday

Brooklyn's first Pancake