Best Date ever!

Trav and I decided for our quality time today we would head up to heaven aka the Rocky Mountains and enjoy the trails and some good old American dirt or mud in some cases.  It was awesome!  Thanks Mitch and Jody for the kid swap and the chance to enjoy the ATV's before snowmobile season is upon us.  It was great and yes that is a goggle suntan you see on my face, but you know what it was so worth lookin goofy.  Love it!!  Jealous of our fun?  Come out to Colorado and we will show you a heck of a good time.  We love these mountains and we love you all!!!

Fun at the park with the Roberts boys

So our friends the Roberts have agreed to switch off taking kids so grown-ups can have grown-up time.  Last night they had some quality time together and we got to play with the boys.  We decided to walk down to the park and let the kids run off some energy and play on the equipment at our community center.  You will notice that some of the pictures look darker than others. . . that was just me playin with the settings on my camera, we didn't have the kids playing in a dark playground promise!   Katie can't make up her mind on who is what to her and her imagination is out of this world these days.  If you recall Max from her class, well she informed Luke that she was no longer marring him that she was marring Max. . . but then she says that Luke is her prince and informed Josh that he is not her prince last night.  This girl is going to cause so much drama in her life!  I did have really great video of her saying this but blogger is lame and I can't post video anymore. . . at least I have no idea how to at the moment.  Maybe I will post it to facebook for you.  We shall see. . . Enjoy!

Katie loves to slide

Brooklyn being goofy

Jake and Brooklyn

Katie on the telephone

Guess who's on the other end?

Josh being brave

Josh and Jake being silly

Brooklyn with the boys

Josh and Luke Racing

Katie is about to be taken to space on the nose of the rocket ship

Already waving to her fans at four. . . and on a groovy red motorcycle too, can't get any cooler than that.

Brooklyn being brave

Katie's latest accomplishment on the playground are these bars she is so brave.  The motivation . . . a few days ago she saw a boy go across them . . . need I say more?

I'm goin fast momma!

Jake and Brooklyn just playin . . . they seem to be getting along better these days.

Josh going across again

Brooklyn sportin her TN Titans sweatshirt I guess we should go get her a Denver Bronco one now. . . but a little birdie told me they aren't doin so hot this year.  Maybe we will convert next year.

Jake being serious

More zoo fun!

I invited my friend Jamie and her kids to the zoo with us this week and we had a great time.  These are the photos of that day.

Watching the Giraffes


Katie and Kylee

Jamie getting ready to take some pictures of the crazy tongued beasts.

Brooklyn in a Mud hut.

The girls were very serious around the gators.

Bird house

Kylee was not so sure on all the noise our little feathered friends were making.

Just playin

I was so excited to see that the grizzlies were swimming that morning.  I forgot my camera last time we saw them playin in the water so I was so happy to get these shots of them.

Kylee and Katie on the Frog

The girls in "my big back yard"  The kids play area at our zoo.

Brooklyn with the chickens and rooster

Brooklyn very excited about finding footprints

Brooklyn thinks these ants are the coolest thing in the back yard much better than the ones she finds in our own back yard.

The orangutan paint at our zoo.  We were lucky enough to see them do it that afternoon.   This picture is of the mommy painting with her baby clinging to her chest.  The zoo keeper also told us they have a painting elephant.  Pretty cool hu?

Her finished product.

Why this picture is funny. . . it is funny because the thoughtful looking gorilla two seconds after this picture was taken made all of these pretty girls jump back and walk away very quickly.  How did he do this?  Threw up in his hand and then ate it.  I know we were all a little disturbed after it happened.  Do you think they think of ways to get back at us for staring at  them all day long?  I think so.