Snowy Sunday!

This one goes out to all you California beach bums, I know ya miss the white stuff come on admit it, 70 year round gets old right???  No?  Well, I will love the white stuff for ya and you can enjoy those year round pools for me!  This was this afternoon after church I threw in some pretty cute pictures of the girls for ya as a bonus!  Love and miss you all!!

Brooklyn's Halloween Smash!

Brooklyn had an awesome rockin party on Saturday. Costumes were encouraged, although our girls seemed to have stripped theirs off soon after the party began.  Not sure what that means for the rest of the  weeks costume events.   Lots of friends showed up, which was awesome!  If mommy would have been more on top of things and actually mailed the invites sooner a few families wouldn't have had to miss out.  Sorry for those of you who checked your mail later that day to find it had already passed.  We did the laid back thing and let the kids run wild and destroy a basement, while the Daddies hung out in the garage talkin manly things and mommies chilled on the couch and enjoyed a moment of quiet.  Food was of course served and then we killed a cat. . . what better way to do a second birthday party, right?  She was spoiled with gifts after that and then to top it off blew her candles out on her spooky spider web cupcake.  All in all super sweet day, I wont lie after I got the house cleaned up I promptly crashed from exhaustion.  Thanks for the birthday gifts everyone, she truly is enjoying every single one.

Our Bo Peep and sheep! Finally finished!!

Playin at Home!

These are just a few photos of us playin at home.  Travis just got me a Wii for my birthday some of the photos are of Trav and I bowling.  So much fun!

Our first snow!

Mommy's 29th!

I had a great birthday!  Trav got off early from work and we spent the day playing games at ITZ (think upscale chuckycheese).  Then we ran by sams club and got a yummy birthday cake.  I must say that I am so far very much enjoying my year 29. 

Katie and Brooklyn's Painting pumpkins day!

Katie's is the blue (her favorite color) it took her an hour to paint the whole thing blue, she was very perfectionistic.  Brooklyn's has her name on it, she just painted whatever color came to her :-)