Katie's Preschool Graduation

Katie's school is amazing and from what I understand they have been doing this program for a very long time.  I talked with a few people who's kids where in the program who remember doing the program when they were their age.  It was so much fun and Katie has enjoyed going to school so much and learning all about her letters, numbers, left and right, days of the week, and so on.  It has really started her off on the right foot for kindergarten in the fall.  I hope I can continue to review with her this summer so she doesn't forget anything she worked so hard to learn this past year.  Yesterday was Katie's preschool graduation and she was so dang cute.  Their little program made me laugh and cry and beam with pride what a cute kid I have!  These are the pictures from the program and graduation, as always I got a little picture happy but she was so dang cute I couldn't narrow them down.  Enjoy!
 The girls made their entrance singing lolly pop and swinging their little hips to the beat.  All the preschool teachers get them all ready so everything is a surprise when they walk out.  It was so fun to see her walk out on stage with that big brilliant smile of hers!
Katie and all her school buddies aren't they cute!
The boys came out onto stage and sang "you ain't nothin but a hound dog" and oh my goodness they took the job so seriously it was awesome and they did very well singing at the top of their lungs.  Katie's little friend Max is pictured above on the left.
Then the girls sang "Mr. Sandman"
What a little diva I have!
Then they partnered up for the twist. . . not sure who Katie was showing some leg to but Max was quite the gentleman and didn't look!  Ha Ha!  There are a lot of this number but oh my they were all so cute.
Max was so serious his mom said he was so sad for school to be ending he cried on the way to the graduation.  She said she reassured him everything was going to be fine because he and Katie would get to go to school together in the fall.  He was not convinced.
Katie blowing kisses to the audience.
The final bow
Katie walking out in her cap and gown
receiving her diploma from Ms. Michelle
She and Max
Katie and Ms. Angie
Katie and Ms. Michelle
Katie and Miss Maddie.  Maddie was a High School Student that helped out with Katie's class most of the year.
Katie and Cierra one last hug, they will be attending different schools in the fall.

Katie's project. . . or should I say Mom's project.

Katie wanted to make something special for her teachers and Mom wanted to thank the two amazing ladies that taught her baby girl so much this past year.  I was so nervous to have Katie start school last fall it was a huge step to have my oldest not at home with me all day, but after a few days of preschool I realized she was in good hands and my nerves relaxed.  I would be telling fibs if I said I wasn't nervous for all day kindergarten in the fall, but I must say her preschool experience has made it a far less scarier step.  So for family home evening a few weeks back I had found this great little book at the library and we learned about filling each others buckets with good happy feelings and not being a bucket dipper and taking from others buckets by being mean.  It really has helped with our family's spirit and we have enjoyed how it has helped the girls understand how their actions affect others.  I loved the book so much and Katie's teachers have continued to fill her bucket this year not only with knowledge but with their kindness and love.  So I bought them each a copy of the book and made them a cookie bouquet of hearts and placed them in a bucket.  It was a lot of work but I am pretty happy with the outcome and the teachers seemed to be happy also.  Also through out the school year I have taken in Mom's sugar cookies for snack time, parties, or whatever else and Ms. Michelle fell in love with them and asked me to make 50 of them for the kids graduation party so it was a pretty busy morning of baking and frosting cookies.  The girls were happy to help mommy so it was a fun morning.
The "bucket" bouquets filled with cookie hearts.
The book
A whole lot sugar cookie fun. . .FYI I didn't take a single cookie home with me, people sure do love them cookies!

Grandma Great, Grandma Charlene, and Papa Allen's visit

What more could you possible ask for in a weekend then a visit from the grandparents.  The girls thought they were in heaven having the three of them all to themselves.  Katie woke at the crack of dawn and snuggled with Papa and Grandma each morning.  We hung out, took naps, rocked it up on the Wii. . .watch out for Grandma Nece she will kick your butt in Wii bowling!!  It was such a nice and relaxing visit we hated to see them go.  I hate that I only pulled the camera out once and then didn't get any good shots of the Wii playing it was such hoot.  But unfortunately this shot is all I have of the awesome weekend.  Thanks again Mom, Dad, and Grandma great we will see you soon!

Last field trip of the year

Katie's class had their last field trip of the year.  It was at the local nature center.  They watched a puppet show, took turns looking out the observation deck with the binoculars, and then went on a little hike and observed nature.  She had a ton of fun and truly enjoyed all the fun things she saw that day.
  The kids loved the puppet show!  They learned about habitats and the importance of water.  Katie loved the Great blue heron in the play, just ask Grandma Charlene how excited she was to share her experience with her when she got into town that night.
Katie's two awesome teachers Ms. Michelle and Ms. Angie.
When Katie looked out the observation window she spotted this snake swimming in the river below.
Before heading onto the path they received some instructions about staying on the path and being quiet so they could see all the animals that lived on the reserve.  The following pictures are of the different  things they saw that day.
Those are turtles out on a rock in the middle of a pond.
They learned a song about a beaver and how he used his teeth it was pretty cute.  They were able to see the beavers dam that created the pond that the turtles are in and where a beaver had chewed on a tree.  Katie sang the song most of the day.
This little girl is from the other class and Katie and she became best friends on the field trip.  I love how easily kids except each other and become "best friends" in an instant.  I am not sure Katie even knew the girls name but they sure had fun.