Family Home Evening

Travis and I have started to do Family Home Evening with the girls and honestly it's been great!  Katie is finally at an age where she can start to understand some of the things we talk about and Brooklyn is enjoying that we are hanging out doing fun things.  On Monday night we started our first lesson from the manual and discussed family and the importance of them (notice our little people house and family it was a great visual aid).  We then made our own little families out of clay.  It was a little hard for the girls so they made snowman families. . . well Katie did, Brook was okay with claiming Mom's snowmen as her own.  We ended the night with a game of Memory and then went promptly to bed.  It was a great night.

Trav and the girls workin on their families.

Katie starting her snowman family

Brooklyn looking at Daddy's creations

Brooklyn's snowman family

Look at those dainty little hands!

Not so sure that Daddy understood the assignment but it got us all to giggle.

Discussing the dragon and knight with the girls.

Memory (she kicks our butt in this game too)

Katie's favorite thing to do these days seems to be family game night.  She is learning that winning doesn't always happen for her and that it's not always her turn but she is learning. :-) Brooklyn. . . lets just say she is doing what she does best, which of course is turning the attention to her. 


Katie is very good at the game "Carnival" on the Wii (Thank you Uncle Steven and Aunt Vicki we love it) she often wins and leaves Trav and I in the dust.  It's a wonderful game for young kido's if anyone is looking for one they can play with their little ones.

Ballerina and Snow White's afternoon tea party.

Don't you just love that ballerina's tooshy!  And yes that is a potty Snow White is using as a chair.

Our little twinkle toes!

Tea anyone?

adventures in parenting. . .

I am continually finding my girls in their daddy's bathroom.  Always pretending one thing or another, 99.9% of the time water is included in these pretend adeventures.  I am finding myself sounding a lot like my parents walking around the house saying "you girls need to turn that water off" or "does every light in the house need to be on girls?"  I guess I can finally truly understand the phrase "money does not grow on trees".  But I do hope that even if this mommy's stomach turns every time I find the basement fully lit and it's bathroom water on with no one in sight, that my children are enjoying their magical childhood.  Just as much as I  did mine, it was lovely.

little people city!

Hands down our little people purchases have been the best gifts ever.  The girls love them!