This last month was pretty busy with all the events at school and the fun trips to see the Grandparents down south.  We celebrated birthdays and played in the leaves, we even made a couple pies.  
Recruiting is still going well it's hard days for Trav but he seems to be in good spirits.  He doesn't complain about it, just keeps at it.  It's a blessing to be home every night and he knows it could be worse.  He does know that he wont be wanting to extend his time here at the end of three years.

We have made a few trips to the dentists office this last few days in preparation for Katie's new hardware.  Her braces should be on the week of Thanksgiving.  Poor kid will be eating her turkey in tiny little bites.  She is getting so grown up and helps me so much every day.

Boo celebrated her sixth birthday this last month and it amazes me how much she changes day to day.  She soaks up learning and will be starting a second language course in school next quarter.  She is really enjoying learning to read and write and continues to ask the question "why".  

Preston also celebrated a birthday this last month.  He is starting to find his voice and is talking more and more.  Although he still finds it easier to scream and point to get what he wants.  It's so hard to stop and remember to get him to use his words instead of just giving him what he wants to make the noise stop.  He is our little daredevil and loves everything with an engine.  His latest interest is trains.  He can sit in front of his little Ikea train set for hours just pretending the day away.   

As for me I wish there were more hours in the day.  Wish I could find the time to finish all those projects I have been wanting to tackle but they will have to wait till Thanksgiving break or maybe even after Christmas.  For now the laundry, kitchen, and classroom have me. 
Hope this message finds you well and that you found your sunshine today.  
- Jen

Family Home Evening project we did with the kids.
P-man in desperate need of a hair cut. 
UTVA fall literacy event.

Pumpkin patch with UTVA.

Mom got to the pumpkin patch without a camera battery. . . had to take these with the phone. :-/ Pretty cute kids though. 

Making pie just because we can. 
Look who is three! 
And Boo turned six! :-)