Picture day. . .

We had family pictures taken while Travis was here.  My good friend Sally who loves me took pictures of our family at a local park.  They turned out really well and I couldn't help but share.  It was super hot and muggy that day and the girls weren't into it much. . . mostly Katie not so happy with the idea as you will see from the photos, it took a lot to get her to smile for us.  But Sally did an amazing job of keeping their attention and we were able to get some great shots.  So I hope you enjoy!  By the way Sally is not professional. . . but she has captured my family better then any professional could in my opinion. 

Mommy and her Girls

Family Photos 2008

Our Girls. . . not quite sure of this whole taking pictures thing.

Katie 3 years

Brooklyn 9 months

Silly Family. . .

Daddy and his girls

Me and My Love

Mommy and Brooklyn

Katie and Daddy


Well mid-tour has come and gone faster then we would have liked it to. Travis has traveled safely up to his post in Iraq and is now starting back full swing with his work. The girls and I are trying to adjust to life without Daddy here at home and its a bit bumpy but we seem to be winning the battle. We all miss him so much and nineteen days just wasn't enough. I have uploaded some photos from the time we got with Trav but unfortunately I am and idiot and lost a good portion of our photos when I was messing around on my mac. So sorry guys I lost the photos of Trav's first day and the zoo and quite a few others. But I hope that you all enjoy the others I have uploaded. We had a great mid-tour and it was everything is should have been and more. We were very blessed with our time together and look forward to our next reunion which we hope will be soon. Oh and by the way. . . our house goes on the market in a few weeks. . . freaking out sooooooooooooooooooo much to get done. So if you wouldn't mind keeping us in your prayers it would be great of you. Love you all!! Thanks for all your support and smiling voices on the other end of those telephone calls. Miss you all!!