Christmas Day with the Roberts

We decided to spend the late afternoon and evening with the Roberts family and have some awesome Christmas dinner with them.  So glad we have them close to hang with and share moments like these.  And very greatful that the Army has helped us find family we wouldn't have had without these crazy moves across the country.  We love ya Mitch and Jody thank you for a wonderful evening! 

Jacob and Brooklyn hanging out with the Daddies they use to fight like cats an dogs but they seem to get along well when they are both fed, rested and have clean diapers.  They are pretty fun to watch.
The guys playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii it was hilarious they had so much fun!  For all you Wii owners out there it's worth every penny we love it!

I'm not sure this needs a caption. . . maybe I should take back my earlier comment.

Christmas Morning 2009

We were up and at em' at about 7:45 and had to wake up poor Brooklyn who was still a little groggy.  The girls came out and were so excited about Santa's gifts we had to encourage them to look in stockings and open other gifts.  Dakota needed a little help with her stocking and Katie was very excited to do so.

Katie's little people town.

Brooklyn's little people house. . . are you noticing a theme?

Monster Truck Wii

Daddy with his trusty Gerber.

Thanks Aunty Vicki they love them!

The Gerber finally made it through all that fedex tape and Trav has his blue tooth radio so that those pesky MP's wont pull him over for talking on the cell phone.  I am going to add that he was out in the cold for hours over the next few days installing, pulling his amp and woofer out of the attic (they haven't been used in years) and learning to use his new system.  He kept discovering new tricks and would have to come in and tell me about them.  I do believe it was a perfect gift for him!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Maughan the horse and carriage go perfectly with their little people castle from last christmas she loves it!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Maughan Monkey now sleeps with her every night!

Thank you Aunt Vicki and hunka TT!

All those pretty bows!

Dakota's stocking loot.

Thank you all so much for all of the wonderful Christmas presents!  They were wonderful and have been well loved.  Dad and Mom,  Trav put his new memory into his lap top the moment it was out of the bag and has been loving the faster computer ever since!  Katie can't wait to start her ice skating lessons next year and was super excited to see that she could finally have her new ice skates thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hollingshead and thanks for Brooklyn's bus it was a favorite little people item and has been fought over a lot since it was unwrapped.   Grandma and Grandpa Maughan Trav and I can't wait to cook some dutch oven chicken in the awesome dutch oven you sent thanks very much!
Thanks for all the cookies and treats brought over by friends they were devoured and much time at the gym will hopefully help me burn them off.   Jamie thanks for the wonderful book it's a favorite of mine and now I get to have my own copy!   I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed being together as families this holiday season.  May your 2010 be blessed with happiness and love!

Christmas Eve

The girls were absolutely sure that they wanted to open a gift Christmas Eve so we had our dinner of Potato soup and grilled cheese hung out as a family and let them open a gift from Daddy and I (pj's).  Trav had me open a gift from him, also pj's.  Then Travis opened one from Steve and Vicki.  We all changed in to our pj's and went down stairs to play our gift from Steve and Vicki (a Wii game) Katie kicked our butts and left Daddy and I trying to keep up with her mad skills and then it was off to bed for the girls.  Super low key and relaxing in fact so relaxing Daddy I were in Bed and Santa ready by nine o'clock. It was quite the treat!

Brooklyn and her Froggy PJ's

A very excited Brooklyn


More snow. . .

Daddy was out cleaning off the side walks and driveway after a snow storm right before Christmas. . . the girls did not miss the chance to get out there and roll around in all that cold white stuff.


making candy

Katie wanted so much to help Dad make his peanut butter cups this year.  Daddy was a good sport and let her paint the chocolate.


Lazy Dog

Dakota will never be a normal dog she is the kindest, sweetest thing, and sometimes eating her dinner is just too much work. . .


My friend Janette and her daughter Sara dropped by one day for hugs from the girls and the girls found Sara's boots very entertaining.  It was one of those puse in boots kind of moments. 


Katie as Mrs. Claus

Katie was chosen to play Mrs. Claus in her Christmas play at Preschool.  I would like to add that the Saturday before this took place she wacked off her hair with my sewing scissors in case any of you are wondering why I cute her hair so short.  I have to say this she did a pretty good job.  Must have been all those times she has seen mommy do the same thing to herself.  Any way back to her play. . . She played Mrs. Claus and her little boyfriend Max played Santa they were a hit and were so funny.  Thank you Vicki for the bows by the way the teacher liked them so much she used the bow in Katie's hair and decided not to put the hat on her.  Katie said her line perfectly and sang her little heart out.  Made Mommy and Daddy very proud.  A lot of the kids wanted pictures with her and Max after, it was a lot of fun.  These kids were adorable please take a moment to find GI Joe in the bunch he was so cute and his line was "Go Joe!".  Enjoy the photos!  Again I'm sorry there are a ton, just couldn't narrow them down any more than this.

Making an entrance Max's Line "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!"
All packed up in the sleigh and ready to go!
This little ballerina has the best faces.


pose'n for the camera!

Can you see Joe mixed in with all of those toys?

Oh they were so cute I can't even tell you how fun they were to watch!  They took the job very seriously.

One last shot with Tinkerbell.

Our home at Christmas!

Gingerbread House!

This year because we stayed home and missed out on all the huge family traditions back in Utah, we decided that some family traditions should be started of our own.  Our first one was to bake and decorate a gingerbread house.  So I sat down to Trav's computer punched in gingerbread template and was blown away at the talent out there.  Gee wiz people can get pretty dang into this sort of thing.  Instead of building a Victorian structure that would be the end of me, I settled for a cute little six piece house and set to work.  Katie enjoyed mixing the gingerbread and watching me cute it out.  She could hardly stand there while it cooled so we could get to work.  Once it was cool we set out our goodies and trusty pampered chef icing decorators and let the girls get to work.  It was the best family home evening we have had in a long time.  A great treat!  We had to support the sides with cans for a few days till the icing hardened. . . and unfortunately I didn't get pictures of it without the cans sorry.  But I think you can get the general idea!