Well I wish that I had a good reason for not posting for three months. . . oh wait I do!!!  We are finally getting back on track.  Laundry is still a bit tricky and house work is a bit chaotic but all in all we are happy.  A lot has happened in the last three months.  Preston joined our family, Rocket got an ouchy, Papa Allen and Grandma Nece both had trips to the hospital,  Travis has orders to go to hell this Spring (not my doing, that's the part of working for the government that sucks), Katie has learned to read and write all of her family names, and Brooklyn is becoming quite the big helper (when she is not acting her age).  We have so much to be grateful for and so much to prepare for.  Travis is busy working on his Warrant Officer packet and awaiting to see if he will be picked up for E7 this year.  Fingers crossed for both!  Any who lots of post updates and a few pictures, enjoy them all!  We love and miss you!!

Preston's first photo shoot

Okay so I forgot to post these and they were too cute not to post.  My friend Chelsea who did the photo shoot of Brooklyn and her friends took these and I had to share them because they turned out very cute.  Sorry there are a ton but I couldn't decide and Grandma needs to choose which one she wants for her wall.  So Enjoy and Thank you Chelsea for your awesome work.  Can't wait for you to do our family photos once the weather warms up! :-)  Check her out everyone on Facebook @ C&S Photography!!