The girl's new bunk beds!

The girls got bunk beds in anticipation for the baby's arrival.  They love them and giggle every night before bed until they are both so tired they pass out.  It's been fun watching them be so excited to share a room. . . I know it wont last but one can hope right?

Katie turns five and Trav turns thirty

Katie and Trav had a fun little party with our friends Mitch, Jody and their kids.  Nice and relaxing just what we needed after a crazy couple of weeks.    Katie had a little Cinderella cake and Trav had cobbler.  Lots of yummy goodness.  Travis received a mountain bike and Katie got a bunch of Polly pockets.  It was a pretty fun evening.

Trav's latest completed project.

Travis' truck had some leaking anti-freeze and he had to pull the engine on it.  A weekend of grease and grime and it's running beautifully.  Thanks Mitch for all your help!
Mitch and his son Josh helping put the engine back in.  Josh was pretty cute sitting up there watching the guys be guys.


We had a great time over Easter in Utah, enjoyed Holly's wedding, loved listening to conference in the comfort of Papa and Grandma's home, and even got to visit with my cousin Ben from Montana and his wonderful family.  Along with all our other favorite people we come to Utah to see.  We enjoyed every minute of it. . . just needed a month to recover. . . here are some pictures of Easter morning and the egg hunt.
Love Spring time in Utah. . .

Holly's Wedding

It was one crazy busy day for us, but the day was fun and the girls dress' turned out well so it was a pretty happy day for us.  Holly looked beautiful and Mark looked like he was a pretty happy guy.  These a the pics I got from the reception.   Oh and FYI the pictures of Mark giving Dad the funny stink eye was Dad informing Holly that he had this great guy he really wanted to set her up with. . .So funny!!  Enjoy!

Dino Fun!

We took a trip to the look at the Dino's while we were in Utah for Holly's wedding.  We had a lot of fun hanging out with the family and letting the kido's play with their "family friends" as Katie likes to call them.  Papa Allen and Grandma Charlene even got to tag along with us, it was a great visit!  Sorry about the amount of photos I just can't ever seem to narrow them down.