Happy Halloween!

Okay so this year we got plenty of use out of the girls costumes.  So many events and so much candy!  I do believe even as cute as the costumes turned out  I have had enough of them.  Don't tell the girls but I even recycled some of their candy at the ward trunk or treat.  Losing weight during the holidays is hard stuff and the girls got more than enough that night to make up for the stuff I gave away.  :-)  Trav and I were even bums and didn't go out the night of Halloween we were so over Halloween at that point.  But we did watch Jack the pumpkin King steal Christmas and we did pass out candy to all those who showed up at our door that night.  The following pictures are of us Trunk or Treat night on Friday.  The girls in all their cuteness and Me as Miss Utah. . . Left overs from last years costume and the contribution of a wig from a friend we went from a "blond Soldier" Miss Utah from last year to the pretty brunette Miss Utah of 09.  Trav of course got a chance to try on the wig and wow doesn't he look sexy?  We both admit that we are glad he wears his hair a little shorter.  :-)

Brooklyn gets to stay at Sisters Pre-school for a day.

I was so excited when Katie's Teacher let Brooklyn join in on the Halloween fun so that Mommy could help out with the party.  Brooklyn slipped right in and was the hit of the school and just like the story goes little Bo Peep had a hard time keeping track of her sheep while she ran ahead of the class and got all the grins and giggles that she could ever want and candy too!  The community center got a kick out of their costumes and I do believe Brooklyn will truly love going there next year.  She really enjoyed "going on a spooky walk" at circle time it was great!