Spring Has Sprung!

     Since my last failed attempt at blogging we have embarked on an adventure to Alaska.  It has been an incredible journey of trials and growth.  The Maughanstrs arrived just before school started and have not stopped since.

     We have spent the fall and winter months gaining new talents and survival skills.  These skills include Katie's new found love of cross-country running,  Boo's adventures in gymnastics, Buddy's Ninja Kindergarten skills,  cross-country skiing, surviving -50 degree temps and post housing.  

    We continued to perfect our love of downhill skiing, mountain biking, and all things nature.  Although getting through the four feet of snow that still remains here in April is quite difficult.   I fear summer will be a long awaited event, that will be short lived.

    Travis AKA Team Leader, has jumped back into the world of Army Maintenance with both feet and has found it is just as full of stinky poop as when he left it to recruit.  Although, I believe he is his kicking butt as always and enjoying the challenge.  In addition to working crazy long hours and butt kicking he has continued his college courses.  We are finding that this is proving to be an additional challenge and causing many grey hairs.  School has been a team effort this semester, we are after all, in this together.

    I have discovered my love of being in the classroom.  I spend three days, sometimes more volunteering at the kid's school during the week.  I really enjoy it and it has me considering pursuing teaching in the future.  For now, I am considering applying for a teacher's aid position next year.  The same one I turned down last year , but was too nervous to accept.  So many passions to chase, so few hours in the day to do so.  Wife, mom, student-assistant, housekeeper, financial advisor, school volunteer and full time juggler have me exhausted every night.  

    The Maughansters are growing up too fast.  We have two in braces now,  so we are poor again.   The oldest, Katie will be attending Junior High next year, and continues to wow us with her big heart.  I won't lie, I am more terrified for this girl to start Junior High than she is.   She could make a friend under any circumstance and loves to learn.  

    Boo continues to be our stalking tiger; quiet as a mouse, until someone steps on her tail. Then the teeth come out and she makes you very aware of her presence.  Afterwards she always feels bad and requires lots of snuggling.  As a whole a lot more Tigger than Tiger.  She is a solid straight A student and loves tumbling and flipping through the air in gymnastics.  The ski hill has become her play ground, she has a love for speed that one. 

   Buddy on the other hand has zero love for anything that requires added gear.  His dreams are of becoming a ninja and believes all other activities are a complete waste of his time.   Our ninja spends a lot of time climbing snow piles AKA mountains, in a world entirely made up in his mind.  

    I will attempt to be better at updates. . .in the mean time know that you are loved and missed in the far reaches of the great Alaskan wilderness. 

-Mama Jen and your favorite Alaskan Maughanstrs